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Are Insurance Adjusters Evil?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

As a car accident lawyer in Texas, I deal with insurance adjusters more than most people. So are insurance adjusters evil? The short answer is NO. But sometimes it sure is hard to tell. The simple truth is that insurance adjusters are just people doing their jobs. And their job is to pay you as little as possible for your car accident injuries even though their insured was at fault, or they may not offer to pay you at all. That's why you need an experience car accident lawyer on your side.

It's always best to hire the best accident and injury attorney on your side, but if you are going to handle your claim on you own, here are some things to look out for from an insurance adjuster after an automobile accident.

1. Ask you to give a recorded or written statement. DON'T DO IT. This may seem like a reasonable request but the only purpose it serves in the hand of an insurance adjuster is to deny or devalue your claim. Insurance companies are some of the oldest, biggest, and most powerful companies in the world. They did not get to that status by paying reasonable settlements for your car accident claims. And they know every trick in the book to pay you the absolute minimum amount possible for you to release your claims. If you are asked to provide a written or recorded statement by an insurance adjuster, refuse and call a car accident attorney. I have read many transcripts of these recorded calls. I have never read one that was helpful or as helpful as it could have been with the advice of a car accident lawyer.

2. Ask you to sign a medical authorization. DON'T DO IT. Again, this may seem like a reasonable request, but it definitely is not. You may think the adjuster will simply request your post car accident medical records to determine what injuries were caused by the car accident. However, with a medical authorization in hand, an insurance adjuster will proceed to request your life's entire medical history. The adjuster will then proceed to comb through your medical history to find an occasion where you complained of pain in the same location that was injured by the car accident. If the adjuster finds such a complaint, there goes the value of your claim. If you are asked to a medical authorization by an insurance adjuster, refuse and call a car accident attorney today.

3. Offer you a quick and small settlement amount. DON'T DO IT. This is probably the favorite and most often used tactics of insurance adjusters and probably the most successful as well. In your time of pain, suffering, and recuperation, an insurance adjuster knows that you are vulnerable. A quick $300 settlement sure would be nice wouldn't it? RESIST. You may think, "Well, it's just my neck that is hurting and I'm sure the pain will go away tomorrow, so I think $300 would be great." STOP. Don't think that way. Slow down, take your time, see a doctor. They are the experts. "Whiplash" can be a serious injury requiring significant medical treatment depending on the severity. Don't discount it. If an insurance adjuster offers you a quick small settlement for you to release your claims, refuse and call a car accident attorney today.

Contact a Texas Car Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Options

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