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Injury Claims During Coronavirus

How will the Coronavirus (Covid-19) affect Texas personal injury claims and car accident cases?

As a Corpus Christi car accident lawyer representing injured individuals in our court systems across the State of Texas, I have been frequently asked how Coronavirus will affect my clients' claims. The simple answer is, I don't know.

We are undergoing something that we have never dealt with before in modern times. Jury trials are postponed until further notice. Without the ability to get a trial date, your case might be in limbo for some time. Or it may present a prime opportunity to resolve your case. Since the shut down, I have settled cases for clients for what we believe are good and fair settlement amounts. If we need to take your case to trial, we will do that as soon as they allow us back in the courtroom.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as we move forward during this uncertain time.

1. Take Precautions, but Continue Medical Your Treatment

If you have been injured, you must get medical treatment. This is both for your physical and pecuniary benefit. Both your physical recovery and the value of your case, in many instances are directly tied to the amount of medical treatment you receive. While the amount of treatment your receive will directly influence the value of your claim, the treatment you receive must also make sense to a jury of your peers. Remember that we will present your medical treatment to a jury in open court. Therefore, if there is a two month gap between treatments, a jury might question if you really needed to resume treatment. There may be a perfectly good reason why you could not get treatment for a period of time and we will explain that to the jury, but it is an opening for opposing counsel to exploit.

When going to your appointments, remember to follow CDC Guidelines. You can access the CDC Guidelines at this link.

Remember to always do the following:






2. If You Have Been Injured, Do Not Delay Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Insurance companies are still at work. Courts are still accepting new lawsuits. If you have a been injured, do not let the Coronavirus delay you taking action. Our office is equipped to meet with you via videoconference to discuss your case. We can also meet in person pursuant to social distancing guidelines. You can call or text us anytime at 361-881-4806.

Daniel M. Gonzales is a Corpus Christi accident lawyer focusing on representing clients that have been injured due to the negligence of others. If you believe you may have a claim, do not hesitate to contact Daniel today. Contact us now for you free consultation. There are no fees unless we win!

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